C++ SIBERIA 2019
15/02-16/02 Новосибирск

Ivan Čukić

New C++ features for writing DSLs

Ivan Čukić is the author of "Funcitonal Programming in C++" published by Manning. He is teaching modern C++ techniques and functional programming at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade and has been using C++ for more than two decades. He has been researching functional programming in C++ before and during his PhD studies, and uses the techniques in real-world projects. He is one of the core developers in KDE, the largest free/libre open source C++ project.
C++ is not the best language for writing domain-specific languages (DSLs), but it does have a few tricks up its sleeves.

Expression templates have been the go-to approach for this for years, but writing them has always been a pain. The recent C++ versions have improved this situation significantly.

We'll demonstrate several new C++ features which make writing DSLs borderline fun

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